SWING! marks golf’s Olympic return

Swing exhib

After an absence of 112-years golf is returning to the Olympics at Rio 2016 and the occasion has been marked by a new exhibition.

SWING! has opened at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, where it will run until the end of January, before moving to the fan zone at the golf venue during the Rio Games, and then touring around the world. 

Golf was played at two Games, in Paris in 1900 when it was one of the first sports to have female athletes competing; and at St Louis in 1904.

The free exhibition is being staged by the Olympic Museum in collaboration with the International Golf Federation (IGF) and will enable visitors to discover everything about this sport before the upcoming Games: its origins, the equipment, Rules, courses and the biggest golfing icons. It includes interactive quizzes and a putting challenge.

Peter Dawson, IGF President, commented at the opening of the exhibition: “Much has changed in our sport since it was last in the Olympic Programme. But what has not changed are the values of golf and the spirit in which golf is played and governed. Integrity, respect, excellence and solidarity are values that are in harmony with those of the Olympic movement and on display in this exhibit.”