SafeGolf proves fulfilling for Fulford

Fulford Golf Club

Fulford Golf Club general manager Jon Dry has spelled out the importance of achieving SafeGolf accreditation and explained how England Golf staff were on hand to help his club every step of the way.

The Yorkshire venue has joined the ranks of clubs across England who have shown their commitment to providing a safe and secure environment for all staff and visitors to their facility.

Through SafeGolf, Fulford have standard and robust procedures in place to not only safeguard children and at-risk young adults, but also all staff and visitors who come through their doors.

SafeGolf accreditation has now become mandatory for all clubs and counties wishing to affiliate to England Golf.

And for those clubs who have registered for SafeGolf and are working to attain full accreditation, Dry is able to offer words of encouragement as they face what may, on the face of it, appear to be an onerous task.

“When I first saw what was required to achieve SafeGolf, it was a little daunting but after a very helpful call with our club support officer, I had a clear pathway for what was required,” admitted Dry.

“This process can then be broken down so everyone can play their part.

“The constant support throughout the process made something which was initially daunting, actually very simple and straight forward.

“By gradually ticking off all of the areas which need doing you have a clear understanding of what is required and also why.

“A huge benefit, is that now, we can continue to update or information and keep on top of the various areas, ensuring we maintain our accreditation, offering a safe environment for all.”

Safeguarding has always been important, but England Golf has now moved to make sure it is embraced by all clubs and counties by making it a term of affiliation from today onwards.

Most clubs will have had safeguarding procedures already in place. SafeGolf helps to raise and standardise the levels.

At Fulford, Dry found that he was able to use existing policies to make a start on SafeGolf.

He also found support from England Golf’s club support network, as well as downloadable resources such as the simple ‘six steps to SafeGolf’ video, invaluable.

Fulford have long recognised the importance of safeguarding and Dry has explained why it has formed such an important part of their club ethos.

He added: “Ensuring you provide a safe environment to play golf is a top priority for any club manager.

“Every club wants their members and visitors to come and play, safe in the knowledge that everything is place for them to be able to relax and enjoy their visit.

“The SafeGolf accreditation is a matter of pulling together all of the documentation that you should already have.

“The staff and volunteers involved in these areas should all have their DBS and SPC in place.

“SafeGolf provides a process which a club manager can use to check that everyone’s paperwork is up to date and current.

“Looking outside of just junior golf makes sure you are covering the safety of all players and communicating these policies effectively with your members and visitors.

“By achieving SafeGolf I can prepare the club for the season, safe in the knowledge that we have the right measures and processes in place. That is a very good re-assurance to have!”