Rainbow Laces: England Golf updates to reflect positive change

England Golf has pledged to update its Transgender and Non-Binary Inclusion Policy and Guidance during 2022.

A lot has progressed in the years since the policy was first adopted in 2015 and this needs to be reflected in our updated guidance.

The aim is to produce a revised policy by the middle of  2022.

Recently the Home Nations Sports Councils and the International Olympic Committee published updated guidance on the inclusion of transgender participants in the game.

Here at England Golf, we believe that following these reports and after consultation with colleagues at Golf Canada and Golf New Zealand we are in a good position to move forward.

To do this, we will be consulting with a number of county working groups, trans golfers already within the game, organisations working with and representing trans and non-binary people and also other governing bodies of golf across the world as well as fellow governing bodies of sport in England.

We are also aware that policy documents are not always the most accessible or visible  for someone who is transitioning or has a non-binary identity.

As part of the resources we create, we want to ensure that we provide clear and understandable golfing guides for those transitioning or understanding the identify which best expresses them as individuals.

Additionally, we want to make sure they are comfortable with how sensitivively we will handle any relevant information.

The guidance must also be clear and understandable for golf clubs and counties, providing consistency and sensitivity for all involved.

For now, if any individual, club or county has any questions or requires any immediate advice, please contact England Golf’s governance team by email on compliance@englandgolf.org