Podcast: “Eleven aces in six months? I’m the world’s luckiest golfer!”

Gloucestershire’s Neil Watts is the envy of all his mates and has joked he’s ‘the world’s luckiest golfer’.

It’s certainly hard to dispute the title – after he made a staggering 11 HOLES IN ONE in just six months from June last year!

Six of Watt’s aces came at the 190 yard, 14th hole at Tracy Park, his home club,  and one of the other hole outs came when he made an albatross on a par four!

Eight of his 11 aces came in club competitions, two when playing with friends and his last one of 2021 summed up his fortune and eye for the big occasion.

In December, his tally for the six months from June was standing at a mightily impressive 10 when a crew from ITV News pitched up to do some filming.

Unbelievably, the social club manager bagged his 11th ace of the year while the cameras were rolling!

Speaking on the latest edition of the England Golf podcast, Neil said: “I’m the world’s luckiest golfer.

“We all aim for the same position and, luckily, I’ve done it 11 times now. I couldn’t tell you how, but I’ve done it.

“I get a lot of people asking the lottery numbers for Saturday and get a few wind ups. I get golf balls left at my car with a note asking me to play this one today and then sign it afterwards!

“To be honest you get a bit embarrassed. Every time I came back into the clubhouse they were asking if I’d had a hole in one and I’d say ‘yes!’”

“Every time I stand on a par three, I think I can get another one.”

Neil first picked up a club 35 years ago as a five-year-old and now plays off a handicap index of 2.5.

He’s aiming for more glory in 2022 in a bid to keep his name in lights.

“I am thinking about it now,” added Neil when asked if he goes into a round pondering another hole-in-one.

“Every time I stand on a par three, I think I can get another one.

“I’m now looking at two in one round.

“I’ll try for some more in 2022. I’d like to think I could beat 11 this year.

“But I’d take another one to show it wasn’t a fluke!”

The burning question all golfers will be asking is this; how much has his hole-in-one spree cost at the bar?

“To be honest the first few times it’s very costly,” admitted Neil.

“Then I realised that if I turned the key in the car and drove off very quickly I’d probably get away with it!”


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