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Preferred Lies 

Due to the extremely wet conditions experienced throughout the Country this winter, it has been agreed that permission for the use of 'winter rules' in qualifying competitions will be extended beyond 30th April through to 31st May. 

Clubs should assess the requirement for the use of the extension on a weekly basis, and not use the Local Rule(s) beyond what is necessary.  

Please draw the attention of the club to their responsibility to inform ALL their members of the Local Rules prior to play; and to inform all members when the Local Rules are lifted (to prevent any breaches during play).

Please see below the 'Winter Rules' which are approved by CONGU for use in qualifying competition:

Appendix 1 Part A 3a 

Appendix 1 Part A 3b - only on closely mown areas, and within 6''.


Handicap Limit Guidance

England Golf have produced guidance on handicap limits in competitions. Please click here.

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