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The Rules of Amateur Status establish the framework under which amateur golf is played. The purpose and spirit of the Rules of Amateur Status is to maintain the distinction between amateur and professional golf and, particularly given that amateur golf is largely self-regulating with regard to the Rules of play and handicapping, to focus on the game’s inherent challenges and rewards, rather than financial gain. The Rules of Amateur Status cover matters such as amateurism and professionalism, prizes and prize limits, expenses, instruction and advertising.

Further information on the Rules of Amateur Status can be found by visiting the R&A website (www.randa.org). 


Rules of Amateur Status - Principle Changes effective 2016

Among the most significant changes to the 2016 Rules of Amateur Status are the following: 

  • Prize Money to Charity - New Rule 3-1b enables an amateur golfer to participate in an event where prize money or its equivalent is donated to a recognised charity, provided the approval of the governing body is first obtained in advance by the organiser.  

  • Golf-Related Expenses - New Rule 4-3 clarifies that an amateur golfer may receive reasonable expenses, not exceeding actual expenses incurred, for non-competition golf-related activities. Former Rule 4-3 becomes Rule 4-4.  

  • Reinstatement to Amateur Status - The recommended guidelines on periods awaiting reinstatement are amended to provide that a period in breach of the Rules of up to six years (previously up to five years) should result in a period awaiting reinstatement of one year. 

If you are Looking to have your Amateur Status reinstated you will be required to follow the Reinstament Process defined by the R&A.

This is an online application that can be found here . 

Should you have any other questions please contact: Gemma Hunter - (g.hunter@englandgolf.org) 

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