Winning over stakeholders

If marketing is to succeed within any business then it is vital that all the key stakeholders are aware of what needs to happen and how. It's imperative that you involve them earlier in the process so they are fully bought in.

Stakeholders in a golf club consist of three key groups:

1. The proprietors or Golf Club Committee
These should be the easiest to convince that marketing has to take place as they will know the full business picture. It is in their best interest for the golf club to be operating on a sound footing and for them to be seen to be taking a proactive approach.
Any marketing plan should be agreed by them and publicly supported as it progresses

2. The members
This is probably your hardest group to convince. Typically members regard marketing as encouraging people to clutter up their golf course! Whilst you need to have some empathy with this view, you are marketing your club for a reason, usually falling revenues due to fewer members and fewer visitors. Someone has to pay and without improving business it is usually the members.
Setting up a small marketing committee with a few volunteer members - including those likely to oppose you - is a good way of demonstrating you are keen to include the members at every opportunity.
Having them actively involved and spreading the word means everyone is aware of what is happening and any promotional activity they may spot won’t come as a nasty surprise.
Keep members informed through your website and share the progress of any initiatives you may be trying.

3. The Staff
This is another important group to have fully on board before you start any marketing activity. Your golf professional, steward, even your grounds staff have face to face contact with your members and visitors. This will be especially important as you undertake more and more data collection. It may be a good idea to make your professional part of your marketing committee, especially if he or she is responsible for day to day contact with green fee visitors.

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