Marketing tactics

Once you have defined your SMART objectives and you have your manageable list, now you need to decide what tactics you will use to implement them.

These have been traditionally known as the four P’s in marketing and they have been recently increased by three more to become the seven P's:

1. PRODUCT: What are you offering?
For example, you could develop a new type of membership package for beginner golfers

2. PRICE: What will people pay? How is the offer to be positioned and to which customers?

3. PLACE/POSITION: How does this offer sit within the marketplace?
For example, how does it sit next to what your competitors are doing/offering.

4. PROMOTION: How will your promote the offer?
For example: advertising, direct mail, e-marketing

5. PEOPLE: Do you have enough resource to drive this initiative?

6. PROCESSES: What do you need to put in place?
For example: databases, contact cards, what needs to be in place so the offer can be marketed and fulfilled.

7. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: What do you need in terms of marketing literature?
For example: posters, leaflets, email template, page on website etc

Use the Marketing Tactics template to help you structure your Marketing Objectives

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