Know your visitors

In the same way you need to know about your members, you also need to know about your visitors. Not only are they your future short term revenue but they could also be your future members.

To form a picture of the type of person that is visiting your club, you need to know the following:

1. Where are they from? (member of another club?)
2. How they were introduced to your club? (e.g. advert, email, member introduction)
3. How did they book? (telephone, internet, roll up)
4. How often do they visit?
5. When do they play golf and who with?
6. What they think about you? (customer satisfaction surveys)
7. Part of a society?

When building a visitor database, it is essential that you capture the following contact details so you can then start communicating with them:

a. Name
b. Email Address

You can have a simple contact card which is completed in the Pro shop, or the data is input directly into a database such as excel, access or via your website. In addition, your website should have several data collection points so you are also building up your visitor database online.

TIP: If you have a contact card, remember to include an 'opt in' box for 'would you like to receive special offers from the club and advanced notifications of opens etc by email' so you can market to them at a future date.

By collecting the above data, you are building a very powerful and cost-effective database of future golfers who have an interest in visiting your club or potentially becoming a member.

This information also means that you you can tailor offers to meet their needs, determine the best way of communicating with them, track your marketing efforts

See Visitor Marketing for more information on 'what you need to know about your visitors'.

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