Know your members

In order to build up a picture of where you are in terms of your Golf Club business, you need to start understanding your customers - both visitors and members.

If we start with members, to really understand them, you should be able to answer the following questions:

1. How many members left in last 12 months?
2. Why are they leaving?
3. How often to they play?
4. How many never play in competitions? Why?
5. How many of them don’t use the bar? Why?
6. Which members brought guests?
7. Which members are part of a society?

In order to answer these questions, you can conduct regular member questionnaires through email activity and post, exit surveys by post or by phone or if you are lucky enough to have a website that captures member data then you can set up a 'member profile' area for each member to complete, so all the hard work will be done for you by the member online.

When building your member database, these are the basic facts you need to capture:

a. Contact Details
b. Age Category
c. Family
d. Profession
e. When they play and how often
f. Who they play with
g. Do they hold a handicap
h. Do they play in competitions
i. Do they bring guests
j. Do they use the club’s facilities

Also see Retaining Members for more information on 'finding out about your members' and 'communicating with your members'.

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