Central Database of Handicaps (CDH)

If you are a member of a golf club affiliated to England Golf you can access and view your individual handicap information b visiting the YourEnglandGolf page www.englandgolf.org/members  and log on using your email and password. If you have not already registered you can do so at the same page, there is no cost for registering.

The Central Database of Handicap (CDH) allows golf club administrators to verify the handicap information of visitors and check the away scores for their members. 

The Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) was introduced in 2009 to assist Golf Clubs in the administration of their member’s handicaps and in particular in the transfer of qualifying scores back to the player’s home golf club.

The CDH has in excess of 1800 golf clubs and approx 750,000 men and women registered on the system.

The key principles in the operation of the system is that each home club member, with a CONGU handicap, is assigned a CDH lifetime ID number. This number will allow other clubs to both confirm the individual’s membership of a golf club as well as their exact playing handicap. This is particularly useful in terms of entry into Open competitions and the increasing number of clubs operating online entries. 

Expert Handicapping and CDH advice available via online system!

England Golf has developed a new system for all affiliated golf clubs that provides support, guidance and expert advice with Handicapping or CDH queries.

Golf clubs can raise a ticket once logged into the CDH by clicking on the “Enquiry” button. The ticketing system ensures your query is directed to the most appropriate person and that your enquiry is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The system also allows anyone at your club that has access to the CDH website to track and view the progress of an enquiry and all tickets that have been raised by your club will be archived for future reference if required.

To raise a ticket, please log onto the CDH here using your England Golf Clubhouse login details here.

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