Considered how people will get to the facility

Many disabled people need to plan their journeys in advance and in more detail to ensure they are able to reach their destination in good time. The proximity of public transport links, availability of accessible buses, trains and taxis, setting down points and parking can be critical components in ensuring they can arrive and return safely and easily.

Where possible, give information in advance about public transport links, pedestrian routes, parking and drop off points.

Public Transport

You can find out which buses and services call at or near your golf club through clicking on the nearest stop to you via google maps or visiting


Remember to also include the distance from the drive or entrance to the clubhouse

Drop Off Points

  • Disabled people may use a local ring and ride service to attend - does the facility have a designated area for minibuses to drop off?
  • This will also be useful for school groups attending or even visting socities


Golf facilities are not always known to taxi firms, if you have a relationship with a local firm who know where you are, then ensure these details are on your website or are given to people when they book

It may also be useful to ask the taxi firm how many accessible cars they have so that you can give this information out.

Information like this will be valuable to not only potential golfers but to functions that you may book too

You can find out more information about these points in the Access for All: Opening Doors document. This will provide you with hints and tips on what you can do.

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