Physical barriers have been recognised

Has your facility completed an access audit?

  • Important part of your compliance with legislation
  • Will help you understand the customer journey of disabled people in your facility
  • This can be especially relevant for clubs looking to open their food and beverage offer to functions such as weddings

Many changes that you can make are small ones, including types of handles on doors or the size of lettering on signage. The EFDS Access for All: Opening Doors guide that you can find in the resources on this page, has a range of advice and support about making changes.

Areas for improvement should be included in your facility planning

At least one in four households has a connection to a disabled person - usually a family member. Making your club more accessible will not only raise your profile in a positive way, it is very likely to increase your membership and club revenue (EFDS Access All Areas: 2015)

Does the club seek the opinions of members and visitors on access or improvements?

  • This can help you identify areas that need to be addressed
  • Once you have identifed areas for improvement you can ask your members/visitors to identify which are the most important to address

Does the club share and promote its accessibility?

This can include:

  • The number and location of accessible parking bays
  • Photos of entrances with the access shown
  • Number and locations of accessible toilet facilities

You could do this through your website or in a document that is shared for new members, new school groups or when booking functions

Meetings and Functions

As more clubs look to diversify their revenue streams, many have started to offer rooms as meeting spaces or hosting functions such as weddings

  • Do you ask when booking if there are any guests who have any access needs or additional needs?

Support available

DisabledGo are a preferred partner for England Golf. They provide comprehensive access audits including photos of all areas of the facility and a best practice guide to assist you in planning improvements.

The guide is promoted on their website, allowing you to advertise your facility and playing opportunities as well as hosting the guide on your website for use by visitors or functions looking to book your facility.

You can read about the DisabledGo service from the document library on the right hand side of this page.

If you would like to book this service then please email

  • England Golf Partnership
  • England Golf Trust
  • Sport England
  • Woodhall Spa
  • Get into Golf
  • GolfMark