Society of One Armed Golfers


The Society of One-Armed Golfers was founded in 1932.

Our objective is to provide a level playing field in golf for all those unfortunate enough to have lost the use of an arm. Every year a World Championship is held which attracts an average 50 entries from some 12 different countries. Supplementing this Regional meetings are held in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales together with a couple of Challenge matches.


The present membership numbers around 180 drawn from all parts of the world. Although largely based in the British Isles other members are from place such as USA, Germany, Sweden, India, Australia, Bermuda, France, South Africa, Denmark, Indonesia and the Netherlands.

Since its inception the Society has attracted an aggregate membership of around 1000. It is strictly speaking the only association of its kind in the world. In recent years affiliated associations have begun in the USA and South Africa but the Society remains the oldest serving the needs of the one armed golfer.

Since its inception in 1932 the Society has done much to foster the spirit of goodwill and fellowship, and has made many friends throughout the world. When one considers the great interest, enjoyment and recreation experienced by such a large number, one can appreciate the Society has served a good purpose and will continue to do so as it continues into the 21st Century, providing a golfing environment for those who play the game in a unique circumstance.

Society of One Armed Golfers - contact the secretary by email.

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