Disabled People


What is disability?

A disability, an impairment or a long term condition which impacts on your ability to complete daily activity. 

The barriers to participation for disabled people can be summarised into 3 areas:

  • Physical – Do facilities meet the needs for a disabled persons impairment?
  • Logistical – Can disabled people access your facility by public transport?
  • Psychological – Do they know what the experience will be like when they get to your facility?

We have created a Inclusive Club Resource to support your facility in identifying barriers and to help you create an inclusive environment for disabled people.  

By creating more facilities that connect with their communities and engage with disabled people, we can continue to grow the game of golf in England.

Working with partners such as national disability sport organisations and charities such as the Stroke Association, we are creating more opportunities for the following groups: 

  • Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Learning disability
  • Physical impairment, amputees, restricted growth and wheelchair golfers
  • Visually impaired
  • Long term conditions

Having a network of inclusive clubs will help us to promote the local opportunities available for people to either get started, continue or return to the game. 

  • England Golf Trust
  • Sport England
  • Woodhall Spa
  • GolfMark
  • Get into Golf