New opportunities for women to improve world rankings

Alice Hewson

Women golfers playing in top English scratch events will have new opportunities to improve their world ranking in 2017.

Existing 36-hole scratch events have been paired up to create five 72-hole tournaments and competitors will receive World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) points.

The timings and dates of the existing 36-hole events will not change, but a leaderboard will be created to show overall results for the paired tournaments.

Rebecca Hembrough, the England Golf Women’s Performance Manager, said: “We are working hard to increase competitive opportunities for women and girl players in England and this is great news. All the clubs are fully supportive and equally as excited as us about the initiative.”

The five 72-hole events for 2017 are:

Comboy Leveret – Comboy Scratch at Delamere Forest, Cheshire, on 26 March; and The Leveret at Formby Ladies’, Lancashire, on 1 April.

The Gold Rose – Roehampton Gold Cup at Roehampton, Surrey, on 1 April; and the Hampshire Rose at North Hants, Hampshire, on 9 April.

Critchley Astor – the Critchley Salver at Sunningdale, Surrey, on 23 May; and the Astor Salver at The Berkshire on 7 June.

Frilford Jackson – Frilford Heath Scratch, Frilford Heath, Oxfordshire on 2 June; and Bridget Jackson Bowl, Handsworth, Warwickshire on 4 July.

Birkdale Putter – Pleasington Putter, Pleasington, Lancashire on 12 July; and Royal Birkdale Scratch, Royal Birkdale, Lancashire, on 25 August.

Caption: Alison Hewson is England’s highest ranked player at 27th in the world (image © Leaderboard Photography).