National Young Golf Ambassador Kai Williams takes over Instagram!

We were delighted to have Young Ambassador Kai Williams with us at the English Amateur Championship last weekend.

Kai took over the England Golf Instagram channel, providing exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage of the quarter final and semi-final matchups at Moortown Golf Club.

Speaking about the event, he said: “It was a really fun day, and it was just an amazing experience overall.

“I enjoyed doing the interviews, they were really fun to do. It was good to see lots of people seeing and liking my posts.

“Making new content was amazing because I enjoy being creative and finding new ways to post on the channels. It was really cool.

“I was posting cool content and I had to make sure I kept calm in front of the camera. That’s definitely something I think I can take away from this experience and use in the future.”

The Young Ambassadors is an England Golf and Golf Foundation programme, promoting the work of outstanding young individuals who want to encourage more young people into golf, feel welcomed at clubs and develop a lifelong love of the game.

Their aim is to change negative perceptions about golfers and golf clubs. Speaking about the programme, Kai added:

“It’s a group of juniors who all come together to try and make golf more inclusive among the younger generation by trying to change the stereotypes.

“You learn so much on the Young Ambassadors programme. You get interview and social media training and the chance to become a leader or be part of group of people that will help you in the future, so there are a lot of opportunities available after you’ve finished.”