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10% discount when you ship your clubs with BagSOLO

Find out how luxury travel convenience doesn’t have to come at a premium price.  

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The BagSOLO service offers the ultimate in convenience as well as an alternative way to transport golf clubs, ski and snowboard equipment, bikes and luggage rather than paying for the excess charges that most airlines levy. More and more people are opting to send their sports equipment ahead – having them delivered before their arrival if necessary so that they can travel with just their hand luggage.  With the ever increasing cost airlines are charging and the huge amount of ‘hidden’ extras, using a door to door service is usually not that much higher than carting them yourself.  Gone are the wasted hours standing in airport check in queues, and waiting at the oversized baggage belt, praying your equipment will turn up. No need to book a larger than necessary rental vehicle or sit squashed amongst excess bags.  No need to struggle through airports, on public transport or carry your equipment before you need it.  You are free to travel just with carry-on bags, making for a smoother, hassle-free trip.

With BagSOLO you receive a generous weight allowance of 28kg, 5kg more than British Airways and 8kg more than budget airlines. The BagSOLO allowance facilitates the packing of all your holiday attire in you golf transit bag. Using your 10kg carry-on allowance means that your total luggage costs could be as low as £70 by using BagSOLO.

Golf Bag Price Comparison


Cost Online

Cost at Airport

Dimensions (cm)

Weight Limit




285cm total





260cm total





275cm total


BA Gatwick



248cm total


BA Heathrow



248cm total


*Price comparison is based on UK-Portugal/Spain round trip. *Assumes checking in of one bag .*Assumes standard economy travel.*BagSOLO cost using discount code.

Prices to some of our most popular destinations









*Prices are round trip. *Assumes standard economy travel. *BagSOLO cost using discount code








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