ITV Racing’s Oli Bell reveals how golf became his main passion

ITV Racing's Oli Bell

As part of the 2021 Give It A Shot campaign, ITV Racing pundit Oli Bell talks to us about his own journey through golf club membership.

Oli told us how, since joining a club, golf has become his main passion in life and the perfect antidote to a busy time away from the course.

Before I was a member of a club, I’d turn up and I was pretty rubbish – I was really rubbish actually!

And while he considers golf club membership as the catalyst for a huge improvement in his game, he insists there is so much more to being part of a club than playing golf.

“Before I was a member of a club, I’d tip away, turn up. I was pretty rubbish – I was really rubbish actually,” Oli told us. “Then when I became a member, my game rapidly improved because I was playing a bit more, taking it a bit more seriously.

“By the very nature of that, your handicap goes down. I saw my game improve massively for joining a club.

“Given what we’ve been through, golf gives us the opportunity to get out and play in the fresh air and do something you love.

“I love playing golf – it’s my main passion in life now so obviously being out and about and doing something you’re half-good at and getting better at is fun.

“But predominantly it’s about being able to catch up with friends – the social side of things. There’s so much more to just playing golf when you’re actually a member of a club so if anyone’s unsure, I’d be an advocate of it. It’s a great way to spend your time outside of work and family life.”