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iGolf is an online subscription platform administered by England Golf which provides non-club members with an official WHS handicap index and personal liability insurance.

The primary goals of iGolf are to:

• Encourage independent golfers to join a club through inspiring and educating on the value of club membership – supporting a pathway

• Influence greater regularity of play and a desire to improve through the provision of an index (consequently increasing golfer spend)

• Provide as many golfers as possible with an official handicap index

Over 10,000 non-club members have now joined iGolf since launch, with transition into golf club membership already happening. Click here to find out more about the digital community.

What does this mean for my golf club?

If connectivity with independent golfers is part of your 2022 strategy and iGolf presents an opportunity, you can now connect with this digital community of non-club members through England Golf by promoting any offers or opportunities you have available, which may include competitions, membership offers or green fees.

If your club is happy to allow iGolf subscribers (who have an official WHS index) to compete in any of your club competitions or events, you may wish to reference this in any terms of competition you are promoting.

Alternatively, if you want to restrict your competitors to members of your club or other affiliated clubs, please ensure this is clear in the respective terms of competition.

England Golf will spread the word to our iGolf subscribers on the iGolf website and via other communications to subscribers who have opted in to receive information.

Further information on iGolf and the opportunity for clubs can be found within the iGolf Club Toolkit and if you require any guidance, your England Golf Club Support Officer (CSO) is available to support.

View the iGolf Club Toolkit

Maps are also available to download here to show where iGolf subscribers are located to support you in determining whether this is currently an opportunity for your club. Your CSO may also be able to provide more detailed numbers for your area, support in the formation of your offer and answer any questions you may have.

Click here to submit details of your available offers and opportunities