Hannah the hero as a Women and Girls Trailblazer

Hannah Crump’s success in introducing beginner female golfers to the game she loves has helped earn her the title of Women and Girls Trailblazer at the 2022 England Golf Awards.

The PGA-qualified coach impressed the judges not only with her enthusiasm for her sport, but also the results she has achieved in a relatively short space of time.

In her five years as coach, Hannah has helped introduce over 1000 women to the game of golf and has targeted another 300 beginners in 2022 alone.

Hannah currently engages with 50 junior girls via a junior coaching programme at Stonebridge Golf Club and another 70 women take part in regular sessions.

Outside of the club, Hannah’s determination to encourage golfers from sections of the community under-represented in the game also caught the eye of the judging panel.

In recent times Hannah has devoted time and energy to working with the Girls in Golf Society – a group dedicated to encouraging women from the LGBTQ+ community to enjoy the social and competitive side of the sport.

A free taster session for Muslim women attracted 80 participants and was a roaring success.

Hannah has also linked up successfully with like-minded enthusiasts at love.golf which aims to provide an empowering group coaching experience for women looking to explore their potential in a friendly and fun environment.

After being named as the first recipient of the Trailblazer award, Hannah said: “For me being a female PGA coach and knowing that there’s not many of us, it drives my passion to grow the game for females and make it fun.

“For me that’s everything. I love doing it and I want to make the female golf world as strong as I can.

“From the outside golf can be unattractive to women. When I do a taster session they always look so scared! But I love that.

“I know that when they leave they will feel the opposite. The minute they do it they love it.

“Give it a go – you never know until you try.

“Good or bad – you’ll always want to give it another go.”