Golf tips for fixing a slice

Golf tips to fix a slice

There can’t be many more frustrating things on the golf course than slicing a tee shot into the rough, or worse, out of bounds.

As if reloading with your third from the tee isn’t punishment enough, you then try and over-compensate, aiming much further across the other side of the fairway, increasing the chance of another slice!

So if your ball flight looks more banana than frozen rope, read and watch our tips below for fixing a slice.

Golf tips for fixing a slice video

Click or tap play on the video below to watch Woodhall Spa Golf Club professional Adam Keogh’s top tips for fixing a slice and hitting straighter tee shots.

Fixing a slice – gripping the club

  • A slice is happening because the club face is open to the direction the club is swinging.
  • A simple tip to strengthen your grip and ensure the club face is aiming in the correct position is to make sure you are holding the golf club in the correct position – in the fingers of your hand rather than your palm.
  • A grip in the palm of your hand will weaken the grip and open the angle of the club face whereas a grip in the fingers of your hand will help encourage a more neutral to stronger grip and therefore, improve the club face.

Fixing a slice – swing path

  • An important element to fixing a slice is the direction the club is swinging. You should focus on swinging with an inside-out club path, ensuring you are swinging away from your body rather than towards it.
  • Turn your body, swinging the club away from you as you move.
  • The more you are turning the club away in an inside-out shape, the more you will encourage the golf ball to draw.

Fix a slice – take aim

  • Rather than compensating for a fade or slice and aiming down the other side of the fairway, trust your grip, swing, and aim straighter.
  • Aiming to counteract a fade will only increase the chances of swinging across the back of the ball.
  • Instead, align your body and your swing down the centre of the fairway, focus on hitting the ball with a neutral or closed club face, and swinging away from your body in an inside-out shape.

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