Golf tips for chipping

Image of golfer chipping the ball. Used for golf tips for chipping article

Read our golf tips for chipping to make sure you’re increasing your chances of and up-and-down around the green.

Duffing or thinning a chip can be one of the most frustrating missed shots in a round of golf.

Not only can it end your chances of a good score on the hole, but it can dent your confidence and stop you committing to your chip next time you’re on the fringe of a green.

Try implementing these simple golf tips for chipping around body position, ball position and body movement.

Golf tips for chipping video

Click or tap play on the video below to watch Woodhall Spa Golf Club professional Adam Keogh’s top tips for chipping.

Chipping tips – ball position

  • For a basic chip shot, position the ball directly below your sternum with your feet equidistant either side of the ball.
  • The ball position increases the likelihood of the club gliding across the turf as it is designed, rather than digging into the turf or scooping the ball into the air.

Chipping tips – body position

  • Once you have the ball in the correct position, ensure your body is aiming towards your intended target.
  • Resist the urge to lean backwards to help the ball airborne. Instead, align your shoulders parallel to the ground to increase the likelihood of a better connection.
  • It may be of benefit to practice in front of the mirror to encourage the correct position.

Chipping tips – the swing

  • With ball and body position improved, the third and final focus is applying the right amount of power.
  • Connect your arms to your rib cage and allow your rib cage to control the length and pace of the swing.

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