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9 hole Standard Scratch Score (SSS) for clubs

9 hole competitions

9 hole competitions are a great way for busy golfers to fit in competitive play.

CONGU gives clubs the option to run 9 hole qualifying competitions. If your club wants to run these events, you’ll need a 9 hole Standard Scratch Score (SSS) from England Golf.

9 hole course layout

Clubs can use either a standard front 9/back 9 course set up or combine holes from both halves, depending on the course layout.

We suggest working with your women’s section before picking which holes will be used. This will avoid difficulties if mixed competitions are held.

How to apply

To get your 9 hole SSS from England Golf, simply fill in the application form and send it to

Once we’ve confirmed your 9 hole SSS, we’ll send you a 9 hole handicap conversion table and scorecard example for your club.

Had a recent USGA rating?

If your course has recently had a USGA rating issued, you’ll need to reapply for your 9 hole rating so it reflects your new rating.