Golf club membership in the family for Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer

As part of the 2021 Give It A Shot campaign, we caught up with TV presenter Jenni Falconer, who told us how she quickly progressed from newbie to dedicated golf club member.

Jenni readily admits she didn’t know the first thing about the game three years ago, despite coming from a family of keen golfers.

Eventually I thought “you know what? I’m loving this so I should join a club!”

But since her first trip to the driving range, she has fallen in love with the game, starting off as an off-peak club member before graduating to a fully-fledged member.

“I have been brought up in a family that all play golf,” said Jenni. “Eventually, I decided to join them because I had to find out what on earth was so good about this game.

“I realised I had been missing out for the last god-knows-how-long.

“I found a club that had membership which wasn’t seven-days-a-week and was slightly cheaper if you went off-peak. So I started by trying that and quickly realised having club membership made the world of difference.”

Social benefits of golf club membership

Jenni is now a huge advocate of the game, taking advantage of the social benefits and exclusive course access which come with club membership.

“For me, golf club membership is about having somewhere to go, to making friends when I’m there, to knowing I can go and tee off at any time, and that I can take a guest.

“I can take my dad or my husband or a friend along and we can have a really fun, relaxed game.

“My husband saw how much fun I was having and wanted to get involved as well.

“Now, if my little girl is at school and we’ve got the afternoon free, the two of us will go straight down the golf course and play together. It’s a lovely way for us to hang out and we obviously have something else to focus on.”