Golf Business International joins England Golf partners’ network

Howard Swan and Richard Flint

A new partnership between England Golf and the consultancy organisation Golf Business International will give clubs access to a wide range of specialist knowledge and expertise.

Golf Business International is the latest organisation to join England Golf’s network of Preferred Partners. Its 35 members together have over 400 years’ experience across all areas of golf business and can provide clubs with valuable advice and practical help.

England Golf’s 35 Club Support Officers will highlight these specialist support services to 1900+ affiliated clubs.

The new partnership adds more value to England Golf’s support package for clubs, helping them to run successful businesses by providing the golfing and social experience their customers want.

Abbie Lench, England Golf’s Head of Club Support, said: “We are delighted to welcome Golf Business International and to strengthen our service to clubs. This access to the knowledge and experience of industry experts will be invaluable in helping them to develop and grow their business.”

Golf Business International chairman, Howard Swan, commented: “For us to enter into such an agreement with England Golf and be able to offer clubs our wide range of specialist consulting services is a great step forward.

“It gives us a wonderful opportunity to work for the members to increase their business opportunities in the national golf market. It is my hope this agreement may prove to be the forerunner of similar agreements with the other three domestic national bodies, leading our members to help their clubs through their respective support programmes.

“An important part of the initiative will be to link closely with the regions of England Golf to provide education and training through seminars and workshops.”

Golf Business International was originally formed in 1999 as the Golf Consultants Association and rebranded in 2017. It specialises in making available teams of highly respected and experienced golf industry professionals to deal with any aspect of the business of golf, from conception to end. 

Caption: Golf Business International chairman Howard Swan (left) and Richard Flint, England Golf’s Participation and Club Support Director, shake on the new agreement