Get an EV smart home charger and help boost junior golf in England!

England Golf have joined forces with Golf Management Group and Project EV to help reduce your carbon footprint and boost the game of junior golf at the same time!

Get an EV smart home charger installed for a fixed installation cost of just £899 (including VAT), based on a standard installation* and if you are a member of an affiliated club, then £50 cashback will go towards helping fund junior golf development in England!

This scheme is designed to promote the junior ranks and the lifeblood of golf, what better message than reducing your personal carbon footprint for tomorrow’s generation!

The Junior Golf Strategy has been developed from England Golf’s Course Planner 2021-25, lead by England Golf and will be delivered in collaboration with the Golf Foundation to inspire greater participation, membership and sustainability for future generations of junior golfers.

One of the commitments within the Junior Golf Strategy is to give the young people a platform to inspire the next generation of junior golfers. We have developed in collaboration the Young Ambassadors programme which provides young people with the opportunity to be the voice of junior golf by expanding their reach within the golfing industry.

The Young Ambassadors are provided with opportunities to get involved with and understand other key areas of work across golf, including sustainability projects and feeding back on initiatives and resources which will be aimed at supporting the development of junior golf.

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