#AskGemma: Your Questions Answered

#AskGemma: Your WHS questions answered

Gemma Hunter is England Golf’s Head of Handicapping and Course Rating – you can write on a pin head what Gemma doesn’t know about WHS!

In this edition of #AskGemma, Philip Warburton emailed in to ask a WHS question that has been frequently posed by golfers.

Philip writes:

WHS will calculate a handicap index based on a player’s best eight cards from his/her last 20…what will happen to a player who has only handed in nine cards since 2018?

Gemma replies: “Any player with a current CONGU handicap will get a handicap index under WHS in November, however not all players will a have 20 scores.

To calculate an index when we have fewer than 20 scores, we will use a sliding scale table which is comparable with the best 8 from 20 formula.


Once transition has been completed, player scores will continue to build through the table until a record has at least 20 scores.

The transition process will be done automatically. Clubs and players don’t need to worry! The system will calculate all Handicap Indexes in advance of 2 November.

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