England Golf welcome Bluefin Sport as official partner

England Golf is pleased to announce Bluefin Sport as an official partner as we continue to enhance the value of benefits provided to all players of the amateur game.

Bluefin Sport already offers peace of mind for members of affiliated golf clubs as well as new iGolf subscribers in England through the provision of personal liability insurance.

As a specialist division of Marsh, the world’s leading insurance broker, Bluefin Sport has also arranged the opportunity to those golfers who wish to supplement the £10 million worth of personal liability cover that is provided as standard with England Golf membership.

This additional membership option includes financial protection for golf equipment, personal accident and other benefits through the ‘MyGolf Insurance’ product.

Bluefin Sport also insure golf clubs and other golfing associations through competitive and bespoke policies and welcome the opportunity to talk to golf clubs and associations about all their insurance needs.

This partnership between the national governing body and specialist insurance broker will allow England Golf and Bluefin Sport to develop their strong working relationship, build new content and synchronise marketing strategies for the benefit of golfers and golf clubs all across England.

Commenting on the announcement, Jeremy Tomlinson, chief executive officer at England Golf, said: “I’m thrilled that we will now be able to build on solid foundations to take our strategic partnership with Bluefin Sport to the next level.

“Ultimately, a stronger and closer working relationship between England Golf and Bluefin Sport is good news for golfers and golf clubs.”

“The automatic provision of personal liability insurance for all affiliated members of golf clubs as well as participants in the iGolf scheme has provided comfort to around 650,000 golfers at a time when minimising risk has never been more important in our lives.

“As well as maintaining this level of security for all golfers, clubs and counties, we will now look to develop new and innovative offers with Bluefin Sport to provide greater assistance to the golfing community throughout England.”

On behalf of Bluefin Sport, Daniel Thompson, Head of Sport at the company’s Bristol-based office, added: “We are absolutely delighted to formalise our partnership with England Golf, an organisation that shares the same values as Bluefin Sport with a common goal for delivering excellence for golfers, golf clubs and counties.

“Over the last three years we have delivered additional value to England Golf members with the inclusion of the public liability insurance for all affiliated golfers and, more recently, iGolf subscribers.”

“Earlier this year we have launched the MyGolf insurance product, enabling golfers to supplement their England Golf membership personal liability cover as well as insuring against other exposures such as golf equipment.

“All of the work that Bluefin Sport and England Golf have undertaken to date has been centred around delivering products and services to the England Golf membership.

“We very much look forward to developing our partnership in the years ahead.”

Find out more about our official partners Bluefin Sport by visiting bluefinsport.co.uk.