England Golf teams up with YouTube stars Tubes and Ange

England Golf is thrilled to announce it has teamed up with YouTube sensations Tubes and Ange to shoot seven fun-packed episodes of their ‘Golf Life’ series and stream them to a growing audience of golf fanatics. 

Starting with the release of episode one on Sunday, 14 November, brothers Tubes and Ange (Peter and Andy Dale) will bring their own sense of humour and comedy to the fairways (and rough!) of Woodhall Spa Golf Club, the home of England Golf.

Click here to access Tubes and Ange’s Golf Life channel.

The first feature-length video is a needle match between the two brothers over the world-renowned Hotchkin Course.

Both Tubes and Ange have only recently earned their first official handicap indexes – Tubes being given an index of 15.2 and Ange stunned to receive one of 7.7!

Now it’s personal to see who comes out on top in this grudge match where family honour and bragging rights are at stake.

Subscribe for free and watch them compete against each other with official handicaps for the first time – and learn how easy it is for non-members of golf clubs to earn an official handicap index through England Golf’s new iGolf platform and use of the MyEG app.

In the months ahead, Tubes and Ange will hook up with England Golf and bring to life features with England squad players, rules officials and top names in the game.

Tubes may have shot to fame on the hugely popular Saturday morning SKY Sports show ‘Soccer AM’, but he’s now become besotted with golf – and is keen to convert others to the new love of his life.

After facing up to an alcohol problem five years ago and then, three years later, undergoing open-heart surgery, the physical and mental benefits of playing a fun sport in the open-air has helped Tubes enjoy a healthier lifestyle and bounce back to fitness.

This zest for life – and golf – shines through in the Golf Life episodes.

Tubes said: “We’re not golf pros, but we just love the game of golf. We proper love it. I think that’s why so many people have got on board.

“To be given the opportunity now to work with England Golf is amazing – we’re buzzing to get going.

“We have a laugh on the golf course and love doing it.

“Golf is a cooler game to play now and that’s encouraging more people to get involved and that’s what we try and portray on the channel.”

Big Ange is also obsessed about the game and can’t wait to use the England Golf platform to spread the gospel of golf to a growing list of subscribers.

He said: “Golf is booming and that’s great.

“It’s perfect to be able to play with my brother too. You get four and a half hours together on the course and it’s great.

“If anyone watches or listens to us and they don’t play golf then my message is do it! It’s the best game in the world.”

Since launching in 2019, Tubes and Ange’s Golf Life has netted 124,000 subscribers and enjoyed over 15 million views and 142 million impressions on YouTube alone.

Guests such as England international footballers Declan Rice, Jimmy Bullard, Jamie Redknapp and Peter Crouch, as well as world champion boxer Tony Bellew, TV presenter Natalie Pinkham and actor Stephen Graham have had the audience in stitches with their stories and antics.

England Golf CEO Jeremy Tomlinson said: “I just love the energy and sense of fun that these guys bring with them onto the golf course.

“It’s clear they have a real passion for the game of golf and the more people we can reach with this message the better as we look to widen the appeal of our sport.

“Through Tubes and Ange and the interaction with their guests, this much is clear to see; golf is an amazing, active sport to enjoy with friends and one that brings a smile to your face. Even bad golf can be good fun!

“I’m sure both avid golfers and those thinking about getting more into the game will love what Tubes, Ange and England Golf bring to life in the coming months.”

  • The first England Golf episode of Tubes and Ange’s Golf Life streams on YouTube from Sunday, 14 November