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Kickstart your training with our online programme

Junior organiser support

We have designed two online modules to help anyone involved in running the junior section at their club.

Working through them at your own pace, we’ll help develop idea and understand what it takes to help young people boost their skills.

Junior Organiser’s Induction

This short online course will provide you with key information when starting in a role supporting the junior section. It highlights;

  • Why juniors are important
  • What’s involved with the role of junior organiser
  • Where to start
  • What support is available

The course is designed to be flexible and completed at your own pace, but we estimate it should take between 30 and 45 minutes altogether.

Understanding Young People

This online course will help anyone working with young people to understand the motivations and barriers that drive engagement and participation of existing and new members. It covers areas such as;

  • Young people’s motivations and barriers
  • Grouping and segmenting your existing juniors
  • Recruiting and retaining more young people
  • Understanding the impact of parents on a child’s perception

You can progress through at your own pace, but we estimate it will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.

Access online training

To access the courses, all you need to do is complete the self-registration form by clicking the link above, use the code JUNIORS and the information will be sent directly to your inbox.

Guide for young people!

A guide to help golf clubs gain greater understanding of young people and to attract them into the sport has been produced by England Golf.

The potential is huge: England Golf research shows that in 2017, 67% of all young people took part in some form of golf activity. That’s about 5.35 million youngsters in England.

But at the same time, they’re turning their backs on golf clubs and traditional junior memberships are dropping.

Understanding Your Junior Market has been created to help reverse the trend. It forms part of a raft of measures identified in the wider national Children and Young People Plan “Growing the Game for the Future” which is supported by the Golf Foundation and the Professional Golfers’ Association.

Download now