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Understanding the customer journey

A welcoming environment

There are five key stages in the customer journey.

Download the England Golf Customer Journey to find out what they are and how to welcome people to your club. Understanding how people experience your club is the first step in creating a friendly, inclusive atmosphere.

Download Customer Journey Template

Customer service training

Training your staff in disability awareness can help you deliver great customer service. It will improve their confidence and show you’re invested in them. But just as importantly, it will improve the experience for your members and visitors.

Email us to find out more about customer service training.

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The PGA coach education and development department can help with inclusive coaching courses for professionals and volunteers. There are different levels, starting with an introduction to working with disabled people.

Food and drink

The changes here are quick and easy to make. Think about creating a large print menu. You can also make your usual menus clearer by choosing a legible font, printed in 12 point or bigger. Specials boards should be also be easy to read.

Signage and lighting can also make a difference to people’s experience. Read the Activity Alliance Access All Areas guide for more information.

Transport to your club

Some disabled people have to plan journeys in detail. You can help them by providing essential information like nearby transport links, parking drop-off locations, and distances.