How to keep your members returning for another round


Working with Manchester Metropolitan University Business School, we’ve uncovered useful facts about keeping members.

You can download the research findings or watch our short video for a quick summary.


Your members are the lifeblood of your club. And as the governing body for amateur golf in England, we want to help clubs grow.

We have a number of tools available to support your club’s retention plans, as covered below.

Understanding your customer journey

A customer at your club could be an existing member, new member, brand new player or visitor.

To help you understand the customer journey at your club, we’ve designed a simple visual guide. It shows how to attract potential customers, keep your customers engaged and make them feel valued every step of the way.

Our Club Support Officers will help you to improve your customer journey so that you not only meet, but go beyond your customers’ expectations.

Creating membership surveys

Customer feedback surveys are an invaluable tool. They help you retain members, build on existing relationships and create new ones.

By giving your members the chance to voice their opinion, you can find out what they love about your club and what areas they think could be improved.

Not sure where to start or what questions to ask? We can help design customer surveys and provide template surveys to use at your club.

Or you could talk to one of our preferred partners. Players 1st and 59 Club both provide one-off or ongoing survey support.

Capturing, tracking and using data

Even if your club has a limited amount of data, it’s worth tracking. Without it, decisions are made blindly.

We’ve created a formatted spreadsheet called Knowing Your Numbers. It doesn’t matter if you’re not confident with computers, all you need to do is remember to enter key numbers each month.

You can use it to report:

  • Membership numbers
  • Membership attrition/churn
  • Membership usage
  • Visitor usage/income
  • Food and beverage usage/income

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Case Study - Stonebridge GC

Listening and reacting to member feedback