Training for volunteers

Training for volunteers

Identifying skill gaps and finding training opportunities

Volunteers offer a whole host of skills. Some have what it takes to help your new members become confident on the course. Others have the expertise to put a business plan into action.

At England Golf we’ve designed a range of training to help volunteers develop and make the most of their role.

Where to start

Talk to volunteers about their responsibilities. Sometimes you’ll be able to help by putting them in contact with someone else at your club. Or you might be able to direct them to information online.

We recommend giving all new volunteers an induction to introduce them to your club. Find tips on how to run this session on our volunteer support page.

To help you address skill gaps we have a Training Needs Analysis form which you can work through with your volunteers.


Once you’ve helped your volunteers find where they need to develop their skills, it’s time to find the training that suits them.

You can find a variety of events and workshops from England Golf and our partners at

Workshops include: